Saturday, March 19, 2011

Deer In the Headlights

I shot another self portrait to kill some time yesterday so I wouldn't have to study. I had an idea for this ever since my last organic chem midterm (the overlaying shots are my notes from practicing reactions over and over again). I am really happy with how it turned out and was not expecting it to be this successful.

Ultimately, I wanted to try and capture the fear that gets into students when finals time comes around. At the precise moment the final is handed to you, it is a mixture of feeling like a deer caught in the headlights and acknowledging the idea that it will all be over after this. Just one final push and you get a well deserved break.


  1. Although you look extremely creepy and I am somewhat scared to write you now, congrats on doing well on the midterm. Writing out your reactions over and over again is a good strategy - you shouldn't be that surprised you did well.
    If you keep preparing this way, when you get your final it will be like when a Marine finally sees battle - there's an initial shock, and then the training kicks in. Good luck! James

  2. thanks! i actually pulled off an A in the class, finished 22nd out of 388 students. I'm definitely going to keep using this study method