Thursday, April 19, 2012

Home-made Pottery

As it turns out, a few of the people in my house either spin their own pottery or have friends/family that do it. Either we, we end up with tons of gorgeous clay bowls, pitchers, platters and mugs and I'm loving it. I really need to try out the wheel again (since it has been years since I last used one). Hopefully, it will be in a place like this.

B-Gebz Backflip Sequence

Friend and Pro-slacker, Brenden Gebhart, sticking a solid backflip at the highline festival a few weeks back. This guy has lots of energy, but somehow comes off as an overall chiller. Don't ask how, it just works. I recommend checkin out his teas (if you're at interested in that sort of stuff), they're pretty rad, too.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Patiently Waiting

A few shots that remind me of each other. I really love the top one. Also, this old photo of mine kind of fits the theme of wait too.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Folk Inspiration

Went and saw a small, house show about a week ago. Damn it was good to hear some live music, it had been such a long time! My buddy was traveling with his band, Camp Wisdom, and a fellow band, Sunshine & Irony, down from Washington and they made a stop in Davis. Really enjoyed it, great stuff. Now I'm on a bit of a folk binge, so if you've got any suggestions of good bands, let me know.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rock Textures

Here are a few texture shots I took while in Zion National Park. Not something I do much of; I find it incredibly difficult to capture the rock as it really appears in nature.

It really is astounding to me how little I know of geology. Really fascinating stuff that shapes the entirety of the world around us. There is just so much knowledge out there in the landscape.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rock Climbing

I've been neglecting climbing these past few weeks. Mainly because last quarter was beyond hectic. I think that now that I have more free time I'll be able to utilize my pass a bit more. My hands are growing week from not being used enough! I need to rectify fact, I'm going to go climbing right now. Peace!

There Are Two Things You Can Stare at Forever...

Fire and the ocean. Well, I know that is at least true for me. Burnt through that spring break like fire going through some logs of dry pine.

Gifts From the Rain!

The rain has been kind and we are gifted with mushrooms! Glorious, glorious fungus!

Public Education

Here's a shot of my friend, Brennan Bird, with one of the last Nature and Culture diplomas from UC Davis. He's standing in front of one of the Occupy UC Davis signs from a few months ago. Bittersweet news: I'm graduating a quarter early.

Southern Alligator Lizard (Elgaria multicarinata)

I think it is, at least. This guy was a challenge to shoot at such a narrow depth of field. Really small and fast moving made for a tough target!

The 500m Slackline

I went out with Jerry Miszewski and some other friends to go witness his 500 meter slackline in person. Man, this was the most unbelievable thing I had seen in a long time. The amount of control and focus was insane. The line was spider silk and was set up over a large field and was near 15 feet high at the start and end points. The length of it was unfathomable; couldn't believe that Jerry actually walked the thing. The whole session was a challenge to shoot, but here is one of my favorite action shots of Jerry nearing the first transition in the line and a shot of the webbing.


Been finishing up notebooks as of late. One per quarter and it feels good. Combinations of writings, drawings, and whatever else will fill up the page and is relevant to my interest at the time. Here are some shots of a ledger from the late 1800s that I found in an abandoned house a few weeks back. The hand writing was beautiful, though I couldn't actually read what any of it said.