Thursday, November 15, 2012

Loaded's New Steed: The Chubby Unicorn Photos

 The Loaded Chubby Unicorn. The pudgy mythical beast in all its cushy glory.
 Behold its delicious curves. Its cradling concave. Its inviting platform.
 The simplistic beauty of its coy inlayed graphic.
And the whorl of features that can sometime be too much to wrap your head around, but is ultimately what makes me so excited about having my grimy little hands on this board. I have been and will continue to get well acquainted with this equine creation in preparation for my upcoming review. Check out Skateslate around the date of the product release (Dec 4th). For now, you can read more about the magic and craft that went into this board on Loaded.

Getting Intimate with the Loaded Kanthaka: Preview Photos

 The Loaded Kanthaka. A reliably speedy and agile steed.
Ready for popping, sliding, and general all around gnaritude. Those curves, like waves of grain, amplifying your ultimate shredding experience to a higher state.
A graphic to remind you of what else lay out there, reminiscent of the old Tan Tien proto graphics.
This board makes my feet happy and has flare with room to spare. I have been and will continue to get intimate with this street slaying stallion in preparation for my upcoming review. Check out Skateslate around the date of the product release (Dec 4th). For now, you can read more about the essence of this board on Loaded.

Deville Bomber Wheels Check-In

So yea, I posted a link to my review on skateslate not too long ago. Just wanted give a little end of the line report on the Deville Bombers. They finally cored, but they lasted me a lot longer than I figured they would. Yea, they coned a lot, but they never really flatspotted (until the very end when I did hit the core) and they stayed pretty damn circular until the bitter end. Above is a photo of their demise. The Sector 9 centerset raceform is there for a 70mm size comparison (stay tuned for a new review on the raceforms! feel free to check out my one from awhile ago if youre bored).
My final opinion on these wheels? I would definitely buy them again.

Your Current Writer and Photographer

Maybe some of you want to know what I look like? Probably not, but here's a self portrait from a few weeks ago anyways. I kept the half beard for a little over a month, but then birds started getting caught in it so I shaved the rest.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

World Record Highline

 Well, maybe some of you know, and maybe some of you don't. A slacker friend of mine, Jerry Miszewski, recently set the new highlining distance record at Cosumnes River Gorge: 451 feet long across the gorge with about 18 feet of sag. Now, if you remember, he also holds the record for longlining at the moment of 500m. Let it be known, Jerry is a monster (in the best way possible)!
 Showing the size of the line in comparison to a person (he's a little over half way where he's sitting)
Chris Rigby working towards crushing the line while being a speck in the sky.

Early Grabs

A fellow skater friend of mine, Arthur, going about as big as you can go off this tiny kicker. Taken after hours at the Davis Longboard Club first official session of the new year. The main reason he has precisions is because he kept bending his cast truck hangers...ha!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Elf Portraits

Of lovely women

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Feet

My opinion: feet are meant to be used, not hidden in shoes. The above shot is from over the summer. A self portrait after wandering through the sierras barefoot for a few hours. The earth is better felt with unshod toes. The below is a shot I took for my friend, E.P., helping her out on a school project. She had the idea and I executed. Climb trees barefoot.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Rocket Netting, Goose Catching

Ever wanted to blast a net at a bunch of geese and then go wrangle em down for banding and measurements? Yea, me too. Well, we didn't get to blast it at a bunch of geese, but we did get to use military grade explosives to shoot it and then get the experience. Super fun. Hopefully I'll get some more opportunities like this. Being a wildlife major is wonderful.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Vistas

How much you wanna bet that the people in the photo above were looking at something like the photo below?

Grainy Harmonica Players

I couldn't tell you why I like this super grainy, seemingly uninteresting photo that much, but I do. The veins in the forearms, the awkward stance, the texture on the shirt, the ripped jeans in the foreground. I just like it. This was taken at a long ago house show of the Washington-based band Camp Wisdom. Check them out, they're deliciously modern folk inspired crazies.

Far Off

A few shots that remind me of each other. Above, friend and unknowing model K.S. at the shore of some lake on the way to Zion, UT

Another friend and unknowing model, E.L., looking out over the grass fields near the Sutter Buttes.

And last, but not least, photography friend and housemate G.S. trying to get the right shot on a day hike in Zion, UT.

Tree Swallows, Barn Swallows of the Eclipse

 Photos from a long time ago (Spring 2012, oh yea). Most of this is from when I was doing Tree Swallow banding for a grad student last spring, which was one of the most fun field work I had done. Pictured above is a first year female Tree Swallow, ready to fight me to the point of discomfort to protect her eggs.

 This shot is from a very strange nest that was initially House Wrens, but was then taken over by Tree Swallows mid season. The white eggs are Tree Swallow and the brown speckled are left over from the House Wren. Of the three that hatched, two were Tree Swallows and one was a House Wren! Sadly, the house wren didn't make it to fledge this year. There was a storm soon after hatch and it did not survive.

The typical Tree Swallow nest. Quite the decorators.

Ready to leave the nest which means ready to be banded!

A shot from right before the eclipse in Spring 2012. The Barn Swallows were going wild above Putah Creek.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Deville Bomber Wheel Review

So, it's been quite awhile, but maybe i'll try and be better at posting a little more? I spent most of my summer without a computer so things feel a bit strange, but I figure with the raining months coming I can catch up on my backlog of photos...maybe. 
Regardless, here is a review I did before the summer started for Skateslate. Check out the goods on some slippy slide wheels by Deville. Review HERE.