Thursday, July 28, 2011

Longboard Review: The Loaded Fattail

After mucking around in the marsh waters every morning catching snakes for the past week, I couldn’t help but think that I was being a bit ripped off. I mean, yea, some of the snakes were big and all, but none of them were really all that fat, you know? I suppose I was on a search for something plumper, juicier, and a bit more rotund. Luckily for me, I was able to find my feet planted firmly on the new Loaded Fattail recently, and it seems as though my desires have been met.

The specs can be found in my previous post here. I must say that I was a bit skeptical when I first laid eyes on the Fattail; I thought the Ceviche and the Bhangra may have gotten together and created a baby. Well, in some ways I was right and in others I was wrong.

Remember the old description of the pintail? Something like “You will stop sleeping. Sorry, but it's true. Versatile, light and fluid, this board is designed to promote an assertive, dynamic riding style. It'll hold its own on hills, banks, commuting, and beer runs. But if you're anything like us, it's all about the late night parking garage sessions.” Well it all holds true for this board as well. This board is indeed still the Loaded Pintail that you learned to love when they first released it years ago, with some slight modifications. It really comes alive under your feet; full of more spring and rebound than any other board I have been on before (even my Vanguard felt a little damp in comparison). Paired with some high rebound bushings (I have the 80a Nipple barrels all around) and some 150mm trucks, this board will keep the energy you put into the turns and may even spring you out with a little bit more (I was able to get some decent pumping action on this setup right out of the box). One thing is for sure, the Fattail is a little beast of a commuter.

Now, some people were wondering if you can ollie/kickflip/hardflip/backflip this board and while I’m sure you can, I just wasn’t quite feeling it for this type of riding. I weigh 175 and ride the flex 2 with the board at its shortest wheelbase and the tail seems a little too floppy for me to really get a good pop out of it. I would suggest that if you want this board to do more flip tricks and whatnot that you should definitely check out the flex 1, especially if you are sort of in-between on with weight/flex charts like I am.

I was also asked about how the board is for sliding. Well, with my current set up, the board is definitely more geared toward gripping the pavement than going sideways on it, so my thoughts may be a bit biased. As is, it is not really a sliding board due to how flexy it can be. However, due to its fairly short wheelbase, its compactness, and the kicktails, one can certainly adapt to sliding on it. It is easy to flick this board around and is great for low speed sliding. Also, the stock grip that Loaded puts on the deck and the little bit of concave can lock your feet in fairly well.

So, as it turns out, the Loaded Fattail is a killer commuting creature and performs perfectly for plundering parking garages. The updated shape is definitely an improvement over the old pintail in that it provides a bit more versatility to the deck. If you have the chance, I would definitely recommend checking it out.

As a heads up, I intend on writing another review after a month or so to see how it holds up. Keep an eye out and happy skatings!

Off to Big Sur!

hey everyone, I'm off to Big Sur, CA for two weeks starting today. I can only hope that it's beauty can compare to what I experienced in Yosemite last weekend. Of course, I'm sure it will have no trouble in doing so. And yes, I am bringing my camera.
a shot towards the top of the Upper Yosemite Falls hike.
The Falls that we hiked to the top of.
Breathtaking views got better and better every time we turned up another switchback in the trail.
And yes, there were photo opportunities everywhere. I have a new found respect for Ansel Adams.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Twas But a Dragonfly

This guy was patiently modeling for me while I snapped some pics of him right outside my house.

Orangatang Nipple Bushings

Ever want to ride trampolines as bushings? Well now's your chance! I recently got a set of Orangatang's newest product, their Nipple Bushings. I currently am riding 80a barrels all around on my Fattail set up. These bushings have some of the most rebound I've ever experienced. I would even go as far to say that they have more than Venoms SHR.

These bushings are poured with the Orangatang "Randy" formula; apparently they first tested it as a possible urethane for their wheels but decided that it wasn't quite right. Well I think they pretty much hit the nail on the head by pumping out these barrels with the Randy formula. I'm loving the high energy I get out of these when carving and pumping. I'm definitely going to be playing with these guys on other setups.

They'll be available commercially soooooon. Just have to wait for a few batches that were eaten by flamingos while they were in transport (or something like that).

Summer Work: Watersnake Trapping

So after my plans to do bat work this Summer fell through, I asked around my department and found out the Brian Todd was doing field work pretty close to Davis and was looking for volunteers. I was stoked to get out into the field to do just about anything so I jumped on this opportunity. Above is a photo of a baby (1-2 yrs) Nerodia caught in one of the plastic minnow traps we have set out.
This is where I work in Roseville. We have 156 minnow traps set as well as 7 of these larger drift net traps. We check all of them daily to ensure that no animals are stuck in the traps for more than 24 hrs.

This monster was caught in one of our big drift net traps. I fished him out, which was a little nerve racking. Will (left) and Brian (right) just held him so that I could get a photo. Yes, these are wild snakes, and yes, they can bite and will not hesitate to do so when cornered in a trap.

I never pictured myself working with snakes, but this really is awesome!


Really loving the colors I found on this plant. Extremely vibrant.

Where Dragons and T-rexs Roam

Tis true, they exist still, and they're made of metal.

The T-rex and dragon were near 15 feet tall and looked hungry. Dinosaurs! I went them in my house.

Fourth of July in Napa

Toucans, dogs on skateboards, men on horses and big brass bands, hell yea!

wow these photos are late. Sorry about that, folks, but blogger wasn't really allowing me to upload photos for awhile. Oh well, here they are.


is a big pink truck and gigantic flag.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Look: The Loaded Fattail

I got greeted by a box with a smiley face on it when I got home this monday, and everyone knows that smiley faced boxes bring great gifts. Lo and behold, upon opening it my eyes were cast upon the bodacious bamboo curves of the new Loaded Fattail. Now, I'm not one for getting fat, but sometimes it is necessary, and this board proves it. So, since I just received it today, here is a little photo dump of the Loaded's recreation of their old Pintail. I will try to get a more thorough write up done on it in a week or so after getting to know the board a bit better.
The complete setup came with the flex 2 deck, Paris 150mm trucks, orangatang stimulus 80a wheels, loaded jehu bearings, and orangatang Nipple bushings (80a barrels all around).

38 inches of lean, mean bamboo and 8.5 inches wide through the main part of the deck with the camber (and a little bit of concave) that Loaded was first known for. Upturned kicks on both the nose and tail. The front kick is a little over 4 inches wide and the rear kick is a bit over 5 inches. Two wheelbase options (drilled twice in the back) of roughly 26.5 and 27.5 inches.

Updated graphic inspired by the old Loaded Pintail graphic.

Needless to say, I am stoked to be trying this fine board out and will have a review in the works soon. Its official release is on August 1st. In the mean time, if you've got any questions, feel free to ask. But for now, I'm off to a garage session!

Happy skatings all! Eat lots of zucchini!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lonboarding Video

Sooo, I finally got around to really using the video function on my Canon. I shot this video using my Canon 7d with my Sigma 10-20 and my Canon 24-70L. Really happy with how it turned out. I filmed it for a contest on Silverfish (that's why it says Buzzed Trucks at the beginning on the end). Edited by me, as well, using Windows Live Movie Maker. It gets the job done. Anyways, lemme know what you think, eh?! I still have a lot to learn when it comes to making movies.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer in Davis

Where it is hot enough to do Bikram yoga without setting foot into a studio.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bhangra Freeride

This board is still going like a champ and is treating me great. I've definitely been putting it through some hell lately and i've got nothing to complain about. Been working on holding out longer slides and learning a few tricks here and there. Also, as a heads up, I think I have a video in the works. All self filmed and edited. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it up by the end of the month.

Free From One More

So I finally took off my bike chain bracelet. I had it on for almost exactly a year without taking it off (since the only way to take it off and put it on was with a chain breaker). Well, it is now off, and to be honest I hardly notice the difference haha. It's funny how the feeling of a piece of metal can be so easily be forgotten, even though its been there for an entire year.

Sciurus carolinensis

Little buggers are EVERYWHERE in Davis. Go back to the east coast! You don't belong here!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hiding Insects

Look closely. He's there.

Owl Street Art

I got a text from a good friend last night saying that owls may be the "trinket" to our friendship. I like the sound of that.