Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dark Sparkle

Big shout out to everyone at Dark Sparkle IV last night! You guys are all awesome and I love you. Thanks for one blissful hell of an experience that I am not soon to forget. Everyone truly was the right kind of Creepy.

"Dark Sparkle is the potent mix of the mysterious and the dangerous that makes something irresistibly attractive, it's what causes people to push their limits to the point of insanity, it's what causes nice guys to finish last, it's that unexplainable quality that pulls people to the dark side.

You see, Dark Sparkle the First was simply a flash in the pan, a one-off stab at piercing through the mirror. But we were unsatisfied with that fleeting glimpse, we wanted more, nay we needed more. So the next year we got Straight Nasty. This time we went definitely broke through, but it was just a flirtation, an ephemeral exploration of an idyllic, but remote and seemingly unattainable philosophy. We had gained an appreciation for the perpetually pervading power of the Sparkle but we we're unable to contain it's enormity. Down with Dirty was about taking the next step; a collective realization that Dark Sparkle is more than a trashy scheme to get you shaking it in your leather skivvies, it's a way of life. We've come a long way in the last year and i think we are ready to go forth toward Dark Sparkle the Fourth. With The Right Kind of Creepy we hope to complete the transformation from Dark Sparkle being simply incorporated into the fabric of our lives, to the realization that Dark Sparkle is the very fabric of our existence."

Btw, the shot up top is not from last night, but from Ecstatic Dance the other day.

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