Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bike Update

Currently riding the hell out of the Cannondale R600 and it is treating me very well. New rear tire, jerry rigged fender, "new" front break, and switched from clipless back to straps and cages (mainly because I don't feel like wearing my clipless shoes around everywhere on campus). The photo is a film one of my current trusty steed.

Tall bike is out of commission for the time being. Someone tried to ride him and snapped the steering column at the base of the clamp. Should be a quick trip to Ace to get a new pole and then I'll have it up and running again in time for Picnic Day weekend.

Just finished tuning up a new road bike (new to me that is) to get ready for its craigslist debut. Its about 56/57 cm white Bridgestone Rb-3 with Shimano SIS and a biopace crankset (this stuff cracks me up). It's a little beat up but would make a fine commuter or errand bike. Hit me up if you want it! I'll get shots up eventually.

And I guess I'll add this in here...Unicycling. Yea, not technically a bike (bicycle vs unicycle...who really cares) but I have been riding one recently. It is EXTREMELY tiring. I have the balance part fairly down, but I can't ride it for more than a few hundred feet before I'm exhausted. Fun stuff.

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