Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I'm actually surprised I don't post more about the slackline since I spend a great deal of my free time on one. I usually try to set up the public line in front of Davis Outdoor Adventures around noonish everyday that it isn't raining (which has been a lot these past two quarters). Anyways, ya, super fun to do with a group of friends who push you to do crazy things or just do all by yourself. For me, it's all about getting into a sort of trance when on the line. I assume it is because I try to dedicate a lot of myself to the art of balance and the slackline is the perfect place to practice.

One day I hope to harness the energy of the lemur. Those guys could rock the line so hard.

You guys should come join me. Slackers unite!


  1. I've be meaning to try this for a while now.
    You sir have inspired me to do something about this and go get one!

    Also nice blog! Clean and simple but with great content.

  2. thanks! yea, slacklines are a great way to spend a sunny afternoon with a group of friends. They're awesome for honing your balance and of course, they are super fun!