Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Work: Watersnake Trapping

So after my plans to do bat work this Summer fell through, I asked around my department and found out the Brian Todd was doing field work pretty close to Davis and was looking for volunteers. I was stoked to get out into the field to do just about anything so I jumped on this opportunity. Above is a photo of a baby (1-2 yrs) Nerodia caught in one of the plastic minnow traps we have set out.
This is where I work in Roseville. We have 156 minnow traps set as well as 7 of these larger drift net traps. We check all of them daily to ensure that no animals are stuck in the traps for more than 24 hrs.

This monster was caught in one of our big drift net traps. I fished him out, which was a little nerve racking. Will (left) and Brian (right) just held him so that I could get a photo. Yes, these are wild snakes, and yes, they can bite and will not hesitate to do so when cornered in a trap.

I never pictured myself working with snakes, but this really is awesome!

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