Sunday, May 22, 2011

The [Broken] Loaded Vanguard: Rest In Peace

I honestly never thought it would happen, but here it is: my beloved Vanguard has finally succumbed to years of shredding. It was the first board I bought for myself and I learned everything from 180 stand up slides to shove-its and pirouettes on it. Three years of loyal service. The majority of that time it was used as my go-to board, my commuter. I couldn't even estimate the miles that I put in on that board.

How it happened: I thrashed it just a little bit too hard. Took it outside of its (and my) comfort zone and paid the price. I spotted an early grab I wanted to try, a 5 stair set. So, well, I went for it after I got the courage. First attempt: I didn't quite clear the stairs all the way. My back truck and wheels cased the bottom stair and my feet were positioned fairly close to the middle of the board. When I landed, I heard a distinct crack and was flung from the board. The bottom of the board was already badly scratched up from bottoming out on various occasions, but this was it's last leg. The board was done. No longer super flexy, just straight up cracked.

Yea, it is a bummer. But at least it died doing what it loved. Note to self, no more early grabs on flex boards. I still view the Loaded Vanguard as one of the best investment I had ever made.
I think I'm going to mount it on my wall like this.

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