Saturday, May 28, 2011


Well, since my vanguard is no longer around, I needed something to easily get around from point A to point B. Something small and light that I could carry around without much effort. Remember my Frankenboard? Well I decided to revamped a little bit.

Here is my current commuter: zip zinger nano with truck mounts redrilled to the nose an kicks, paris plates w/ randal 180mm hangers, venom 85a cone/barrel combo, Orangatang 80a durians.

This thing is a blast. The lowered platform makes it so much easier to push around for longer distances. Super fast, the 75mm wheels keep a high rolling speed and make it easy to roll over just about anything. And while I do miss the kicktail a little bit, I am much happier with the lower standing platform (I finally understand why almost everyone rides drop decks for pushing distance).

Having the trucks mounted and the nose and tail kicks makes for some crazy wedging and dewedging, creating some wicked truck angles. The best way that I can describe it is that the board is super stable when going straight, but once you begin to initiate a turn, it is extremely responsive. The trucks don't have much lean, but they have a lot of turn to them, which is nice. I'm kind of curious how fast I could take this board before I went out of my comfort zone. Maybe I'll test it out this weekend? Or maybe not...stupid rain.

Oh yea, and if you have an extra skate deck laying around, I highly recommend trying something like this. Lots of fun. Do it.

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