Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Slackline Saturdays!

Yeeha! It has two saturdays in a row now that me and a few friends have gotten lines up and spent the hours just slackin. I'm feeling like this will become a bit of a tradition (or at least i hope). This previous saturday we had 4 lines up at Central Park in Davis during the farmers market and it was awesome! so many new people trying it, I'm stoked!

On another note, I just managed to get a setup in my backyard after digging a 4 ft hole in the ground to sink an anchor. Why did I have to do that? Well, I only have one tree in my backyard so I needed somewhere to hook the other end of the line. And now...well, there is a piece of rope and a 4x4 underneath four feet of dirt in my backyard haha.

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