Friday, September 23, 2011

Sector 9 Centerset Raceform 70mm

I picked up a set of new 70mm CS 78a (yellow) raceforms when I was throwing together my Saltflat complete and man am I happy I did. I had noticed a lot of hype around these wheels, or rather Raceforms in general, and I wanted to see if they were really as good as everyone was saying. Well, as of now they are my favorite slide wheel. They are extremely buttery and it seems like the wheels just melt from traction to slide effortlessly. Very predictable, but don't have a defined traction point. That being said, these are not good wheels for cornering. I my back wheels tend to slide out when I try to corner at the local garage, but you know, I'm alright with that. Plus, they're centerset, so you don't even really need to worry about coning if you just remember to flip and rotate your wheels every once and awhile.

Thank you sector 9 for making some tasty, greasy and very affordable slide wheels. I can foresee more sets of these in my future.


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