Sunday, August 21, 2011

Introducing: The Bombsquad Saltflat Throwback

And here is the newest addition to the quiver. I'm very proud to introduce the limited run Bombsquad Saltflat Throwback (i.e. wooden). I've been considering a top mount speed board for a long time now and finally decided to pull the trigger when I saw this one. I'm extremely glad that I did.
The board made of 9 plies of maple, is 37" long and 10.25" at its widest point (right about where your front foot would sit in a tuck). The width tapers down to about 9.5" right before the rear wheel cutouts. The double wheel wells are really well placed and look like they were made with a lot of thought and care. And just LOOK at that graphic. Now that is what I call rad.
Front concave shot is nice and not super aggressive which makes it really comfortable. The rear has a mellow W concave that is perfectly place to make your back foot stick where it should.
Gripped with 36 Gator where it counts and Mob elsewhere. I had so many extra left over Orangatang sticker that I finally decided to use one. Remember kids: Get rad, stay rad, go fast, and keep skating.


  1. Got this board on a trade years back, and i just realized it's yours because of the stickers! Good shyt

  2. Hola me podrian decir donde conseguir la imagen original para imprimir en mi deck porque ya se gasto?