Saturday, December 18, 2010

Orangatang Wheel Review

Since I just posted a quick little Loaded Board review, I decided to go on to another thing I appreciate from Loaded, their wheels. Orangatang first started releasing wheels to the public in the Summer of 2008 and they started off with only two options. The 75mm Orangatang in heat and the 70mm Orangatang 4 president. Both were the same brightly colored orange and both were made of their special formula for "Happy urethane."

The very morning they were released I ordered my first pair of O'tangs in heat, and at 80a and a 56mm contact patch, I could not have been happier to mount them on my old Vanguard. I was the jolliest fellow that ever were when I opened the box that they arrived in. They carved and gripped beautifully, and after a bit of rough persuasion and breaking them in, they made wonderfully predictable slide wheels. Now they are still alive after all these years and are on my commuter deck. The big diameter allows them to maintain their speed for longer distances and their soft durometer makes even some of the roughest roads just that much smoother.

Now I can't keep track of all of the wheels that I have ridden, but currently I am in possession of a pair of 70mm O'tang 4 Pres (53mm contact patch and 83a purple Happy Urethane). These are on my Loaded Dancer, and I'm tellin ya, they make a magical difference. These wheels, right out of the box, were easier to slide because of the smaller diameter and are great for dancing and cruising.

I guess it all really comes down to the question: "would recommend these wheels to a friend?" Of course! I've ridden Abec11, Fireball, Gravity, Hawgs, Powell Peralta, Sector 9, and Retro wheels, but so far, my favorite all around wheels are made by Orangatang. Bravo, good sirs, bravo. All that field testing paid off with a fine wheel. And can I just say that I am beyond stoked for you guys to start producing bushings?? YES. If your interested in this stuff at all, check for updates here or videos here.

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