Friday, December 17, 2010

Loaded Boards General Review

So, I have been riding Loaded Longboards for about three years now and I decided to finally write a little review on them as a company in general. Can I just say, that at the start, it was difficult to actually find a board shop in my area that carried Loaded. I definitely had to do a bit of searching before I was even able to test ride one. Thankfully, though, as the company has grown over the years, their presence in the world has spread to more shops and more locations than I ever thought possible. It seemed as though when I got my first Vanguard, that not only no one in my home town knew of Loaded, but that no one even really longboarded in the first place. Thankfully, the motto of Loaded is "spread the stoke," and it is my opinion that it is impossible ride a Loaded board without doing so.

Personally, I have only owned three loaded decks (two different sized Vanguards and a Dancer), but I have ridden nearly all of their decks that are out except for their newest one, the Bhangra. I've put in thousands of miles on my first vanguard over the past three years, and it still rides beautifully, which goes to show you that you can thrash the living daylights out of these boards and they will continue to ride on.

I must thank loaded for taking me on a ride with them. This youtube video is what first inspired me to get a Loaded board. And while I had already been skateboarding for a few years and longboarding for a year before I saw it, I never though a single board would affect me so much. It started out with a few videos on their youtube channel, as well as a few blog posts from a kid that no one knew much of (Adam Colton). Soon Adam Stokowski joined in the videos as well. It wasn't really until they released the Whirling Dervish video along with the release of their new board, the Dervish, that I noticed things really start to take off.

And what a wonderful thing it has evolved into, folks. In my opinion, Loaded's crew have helped push the longboarding industry to new places; places that weren't even thought about years ago. After hundreds of videos, thousands of photos, and who knows how many boards and wheels sold, Loaded has helped put longboarding on the map. It really is a beautiful thing. I intend to keep riding Loaded boards and to continually spread the stoke wherever I may go.

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