Monday, December 12, 2011

Kombucha Cha Cha

My kombucha momma and it's 1/2 baby. Makes a parent proud.

I need to get back to my kombucha brewing. I got into it in September and have only made a handful of batches. Often, they come out sweet, which makes it nice for those who don't like the traditional taste of a stronger brew. I do think, however, that I'm going to start letting them sit a week or so longer and see what the taste ends up like. I usually flavor with ginger, pomegranate (when available), or lime/ other citrus.

I highly recommend brewing some of your own, its delicious! See if you have a friend that brews and can spare an extra SCOBY. If you can't find out any there then check around your local food co-op and ask around.

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