Thursday, January 20, 2011

Loaded Bhangra Review: After Further use

above: finding balance with the bhangra and testing out its durability with a nice fat boneless. Both timed self portraits.

So, I received a Loaded Bhangra a little bit ago (check out the first impression here) and have been rocking it as my primary board for about a month now. Here are a few follow up comments I have.

What is the Bhangra?
I had some trouble classifying what type of board it was at first; dancer, freeride, cruiser, etc. But the more and more that I rode it, the less sure I was. Many people pushed for the idea that the Bhangra was the second version of the late Dancer, but that only makes sense as far as using the Dancer as a jumping off point. Thats right. Loaded created a whole new monster with this deck (no pun intended).
The Dancer was exactly what it said it was. It was the perfect platform to bust a move while speeding along and feel confident while doing so (check my review here). However, it was limited in that it really was a board specified for dancing. And while you could technically do all other types of riding on it, it just didn't feel as good as cross stepping and pirouetting your way down your favorite chillar run.
The Bhangra on the other hand is an all arounder. You can feel confident sliding and freeriding on it (thanks to the improved grip and the concave to hold your feet in), you can feel confident hucking it off some major drops (thanks to the shorter wheelbase and stiffer flex), you can use it as a carver if you like (with the proper truck/bushing setup), and if you are so inclined, you can use it to bomb hills to some extent.
The Bhangra is capable of accomplishing all of these tasks, as well as others, but there is a CATCH. Because it is such an all arounder, it is not really specified for one task. You can definitely find a better freeride deck, or a better downhill or carver deck. But that deck most likely won't be as versatile as the Bhangra is. It is essentially your one board quiver.

Now, We Can't Always Be Positive
While there were few negative things to bring up with the board, I wish to address two that I found.
1) The griptape. Yes, yes, it was a HUGE improvement on the Dancer's griptape, which would rub off within the first month. The problem was, it seemed to stick more to my shoes than the board itself. Maybe I just got a lemon? But my grip went over the boards edge and was actually peeling off at one point. Some bits chipped off on the nose and tail. Eventually I just went around with a razor blade and cut off the excess and sanded everything down a bit. So yea, little griptape problem, but quick fix.
2) COST. My god this board is one of the priciest on the market (next to carbon fiber boards and things like that). And while you are getting a hell of a lot of bang for your buck when you invest in a Bhangra, the price alone is going to be a huge limiting factor in who can actually ride one of these decks. That being said, if I spy people eyeing my board, I try and get the to try it out. That way, they will at least know if its worth dropping $350 for a single complete.

thanks for sticking around and reading, guys. Hope this was helpful. And as always, remember to spread the stoke. Now go out and skate!


  1. You say you can bomb hills to some extent? is there like a speed limit as to where it gets sketch?

  2. I am so glad I got this board for $270 complete (with paris trucks and stimulus) at the local skate shop's "garage sale..."

  3. So, I received a Loaded Bhangra a little bit ago (check out the first impression ...