Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Toys

Picked up an old road frame + some extras a week or two ago and created a hideous beater bike that is super chill to ride. It is as minimum as it can be (no brakes no gears nothing). It has a 26" coaster brake wheel on the back and a 27" road wheel on the front and some riser bars (essentially a cruiser with road bike geometry), and it almost has barspin clearance. I intentionally wanted it to look as awful is possible so that it would be even less likely for someone to steal my $80 bike.

In other news, I saved myself from spending a lot of money on another bike that would've most likely just ended up with me injuring my wrist again (which happened yesterday when I took a gnarly fall skating, anyways).

Also, I found a free blue guitar at a dumpster and got free popcorn/candy at a free movie screening last night. Yesterday was productive.

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