Friday, March 12, 2010

Bike Cops Suck

This is a shot of my favorite bike tool, idn why, i just like it. Simple Mastercraft 15mm crescent wrench.

ANYWAYS, story time for you kids. I was riding out to Target with some friends and got stopped by a bike cop. I was in violation for not having a brake on my fixed gear. I've heard of this CA state law before and i think its complete BS, i think that toe straps+ cages+ a fixed drivetrain + over 3 years of experience riding fixed gears brakeless should qualify as a brake. But it doesnt. And now i have to slap a brake on there and show the UCD police dept I've been a good boy and did what they said.

I've decided to just throw on a pair of flat bars with a lever and cable and call it a day. Once i show it to them, I'll take it off, put my bullhorn back on, and continue to ride brakeless like i always have. Stupid small town cops have nothing to better to do than to irritate the shit outta kids.

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